barb olson

Barb Olson


Barb is a 2009 graduate of Global School of Supernatural Ministry [GSSM]. During her second year at GSSM, she focussed on inner healing and deliverance training, while also attending Wellspring Ministries 2-week training on their model of inner healing in Anchorage, Alaska. From 2010-2015, Barb lived in Durban, South Africa, where she was Assistant Director of the GSSM-South Africa alongside her husband, Phill, who was Director. During that time she taught many of the subjects in the school, including an overview of various models of inner healing for first year students and facilitated the Bethel Sozo training with second year students. She has ministered in Zimbabwe and various parts of South Africa, and been on short term trips to Mozambique, Brazil, Tanzania, Zambia and Russia. Barb is involved with ConnectUp Ministry, the on-site and online inner healing ministry that serves Global’s community and others, both as a prayer minister and Training Coordinator. She has also developed a training for churches and groups who desire to establish an inner healing ministry without being part of a network, and has done this training both live and online in the last few years. Prior to attending GSSM-USA, Barb was an elementary school teacher. She has a Bachelors in French language from Bowdoin College [1976] and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education from Rhode Island College [1993]. She currently lives in Mechanicsburg, PA, Her passion is teaching, mentoring and seeing people set free through the ministry of inner healing and deliverance.

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