From an anonymous survey

When I signed up for Old Testament Prophecy, I assumed an in-depth analysis of the Old Testament prophets would yield question after question about FORE-telling of future events. Instead I have come to understand major themes of the Old Testament prophets involve FORTH-telling, where the various prophets speak on behalf of God against issues surrounding the poor, justice, mercy, and structures or practices that disadvantage the poor. This has led to a paradigm shift for me, one that I am just beginning to feel.


Hadush Gebremeskel from WA

Since taking the prophetic classes I have learned how easy it is to hear the voice of God for myself and for people. I am deeply convicted that God wants to show His love for people and heal everyone and bring them to relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. As a result, I prayed for people and saw some healed instantly, some gradually. Through this class I have a better understanding of prophecy and how God can use me if I make myself available.


Andrea from Germany

As a result of this course I can testify that not only has my prophetic gift been enhanced, my ability to hear from God has increased, and also two of my children have started to prophesy without having had any teaching about it.


Janet from Atlantic, IA

This program has given me the courage and confidence to step up and move toward where God wants me to. I’m starting to pray over people more and more. Thanks CHCP!


Brian from Stafford, VA

  • Taking Physical Healing 1 & 2 have forced me out of “retirement” as a Vineyard Pastor. Praying for the healing of others is now a regular part of my experience and walk with Christ. God Bless You!